Hair Transplantation takes 8-10 hours on average. The removal process takes approximately 2 hours by the specialist who determines the location and direction of your hair follicles; a one-hour lunch break, and the implantation of the hair follicles, which will take an average of 3 hours, will end with dressing. You can drink your coffee and chat with your specialist about your operation and then leave our clinic

Since your hair follicles, which are genetically encoded not to be lost, are transplanted to the area you need, you do not lose the transplanted hair.

The FUE technique in hair transplantation has enabled our experts to transplant 100% natural-looking hair with no scars on the roots of the hair in the natural direction of the hair.

If your area to be transplanted is a large area, the hair on your nape is shortened and transplanted to your entire area.

The hair to be planted is taken from the nape area, which we describe as between the two ears, and if this area is not enough, strong roots can be taken from the chest and beard area to catch the density target.

In our center, hair transplantation is performed with the option of local anesthesia and sedation, and there is no pain during or after the procedure.

Since the hair transplantation process is the process of transplanting your hair follicles to the desired area, it continues to grow in the same color, shape and thickness at the same speed in the new place without any change in the normal growth period.

Hair transplantation can be practiced

  • In male or female patients with male-pattern hair loss
  • In patients with congenital hair loss (such as a birthmark)
  • In cases of hair loss after surgery, accident or burn
  • In cases such as hair loss due to reasons such as alopecia or similar skin infections in the nape of the patient’s donor area
  • In cases where body hair is insufficient