Hair Transplantation without Shaving

Unshaven hair transplantation means not shaving the hair in the area to be transplanted. Today, many hair transplantation methods are performed by shaving the donor area. However, within the scope of the unshaven hair transplantation method, there is no need to shave the said area.

This method is in high demand since shaving is not done in the donor area. Because after the operation, patients feel much better. This method is used intensively especially in the temple and front line areas.

Hair Transplant by Partial Shaving

Partial shaved hair transplantation, which is also referred to as areal shaved hair transplantation, takes place by transplanting between 1500 grafts and 1000 grafts. Within the scope of this method, which is used together with the DHI technique, it is of great importance that the hair in the area between the two ears is long. A small part of the donor area needs to be shaved. However, long hair provides camouflage for the shaved area.

Hair Transplant by Full Shaving

Fully unshaven hair transplantation is a procedure that does not involve any shaving. FUE and DHI are used in the completely unshaven hair transplant technique. The biggest advantage over other methods is that the healing process is much faster. In this way, individuals can return to their daily lives much faster and more comfortably. After unshaven hair transplantation, individuals can get rid of redness and scabbing within 10 days.

Who Can Have Unshaven Hair Transplant?

Hair loss varies according to hair types. Androgenic hair loss occurs due to hormonal, age and hereditary factors. Hair transplantation is generally applied to individuals with androgenic hair loss.

Apart from not shaving the donor area, there is no difference from other hair transplantation methods in the collection and transplantation of hair follicles. You can contact us by taking action immediately to get detailed information about unshaven hair transplantation and other hair transplantation methods.